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Principles of Communication

Topics: Communication, Broadband Internet access, Technology Pages: 4 (1216 words) Published: April 9, 2013
We live in the communication age. A time when man has made gigantic technological advancements by developing enormous communication infrastructures that will pave the way for future growth and development. Such technological growth has directly influenced how leaders run their businesses; technology will continue to force generations of business leaders to adapt to the new ways to communicate their messages in order to stay productive. As an example of one of these advancements, our generation now enjoys the comfort provide by mobile technology. People have become dependent of such technology to perform daily personal and business tasks. When man invented the first microcomputer in 1975, it created great expectation and admiration around the world. Although that was a huge achievement, nothing would revolutionize the technology industry as it happened with the development and introduction of the internet around 1970; a technology capable of moving and sharing large amounts of information for long distances in a fraction of a second. The internet, having its successful massive explosion in the mid 1990’s, is defined by the Encyclopedia Britannica (2011) as an infrastructure of systems that perpetually changed the communications and business industry by allowing indigenous networks around the world to communicate. An infrastructure whose complex design mimics the basic principles of human communication: System A uses a communication medium to sends a message to System B. System B acknowledges the message was received, process the message and responds to system A. Clark (2010) defines our communication process as a host sending a message to a receiver; while in transit, the message could be affected by barriers of communication; once it reaches the destination, the receiver process the message and responds. Even though nations, governments and technology have evolved with time, the structured way we communicate and the principles behind it stay the same....

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