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communication in a relationship

Topics: Communication, Graphic communication, Sound Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: February 27, 2014
Carlos Martinez

True communication, what is that? Telling your boyfriend/girlfriend that you’re going to the bathroom while you went to the store? What you ate earlier that day? That isn’t real communication, and frankly your days aren’t that interesting. Communication is a lot more than just words. It’s also mental as well physical. More than 50% of relationship end because of communication. In order to have a long lasting relationship both of you must have great communication skills. If you don’t have that it’s going to be really hard to keep any relationship skill. You must be able to convey your thoughts, and be able to absorb your partner’s thoughts and whatnot. Communication is not a one-way street. The “phone-lines” has to run both ways. You can sit with your boyfriend or girlfriend and literally talk all day about how you are felling and your thoughts and where this relationship is headed. But if you don’t listen to them, then you’re just wasting your time and their time, and your words are worthless as well as meaningless. One just can’t think about oneself you got to think about your partner. The art of is more important than just talking. If you feel that you are not hearing from your significant other or they aren’t “communicating” to you. Then maybe they really are but you aren’t listening correctly. Some people don’t really communicate with words they do this by actions. Which, if you pay close attention you will see what they are trying to say. We are all consumed by our feelings; we focus on the wrong in them. We’re listening to what we are saying and we don’t listen to our partner at all. People tend to mirror their surroundings. So communication is key in a successful and healthy relationship.
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